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Wonder, abundance, mystery, nature, growth and beauty are current watchwords in my practice.

An honours graduate of the Emily Carr University of Art and Design, my work in photo montage and digital compositing is an extension of my abstract painting practice and my years working in the field of graphic design.

Professional awards include Graphic Designers of Canada Creative Awards for photo illustrations and BC Transit President’s Award and Awards of Excellence for Innovation for BC Transit's re-branding project.



2018 – INTERNATIONAL WOMEN"S DAY Victoria Arts Council show - “Silver Lady”

2017 – “ROOTED IN HISTORY, Celebrating the Garry oak ecosystem”  sponsored by GOERT at the Robert Bateman Gallery - "Serenity Tree"

2017 – ART VICTORIA NOW– Atrium - "Quadruple Trees"

2015 – Fairfield Gonzales Community Association - Solo Show The Elementals 

2014 – SIDNEY FINE ARTS SHOW - Abstract Landscapes

2013 – COAST COLLECTIVE - Small works show

2012 – Victoria Arts Council LOOK show

2012 – Victoria Arts Council SUMMER show

My work is in private collections across Canada and the United States.